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  • 1. Download our Plug-In
  • 2. Allow add on
  • 3. Open YouTube Clip
  • 4. Select the ‘YouTube’ application
  • 5. Select the ‘Convert This Clip’
  • 6. Save to your computer
  • More Instructions Here

About Us

Looking for the easiest way to convert your favorite YouTube clips to audio mp3?
Ogar.com offers a new and innovative way to get any YouTube clip saved on your computer so that you can listen to it with ease when you wish.
Ogar.com offers a unique YouTube to mp3 software that allows you to convert the desired YouTube clip to mp3 by just being on the specific YouTube page.

Here is how you can convert YouTube videos to mp3 directly from your browser:

Step 1

Download the free Lokebar Add-on

Step 2

Allow the LokeBar to install onto your browser.
Install the download and restart your browser so that it can be placed directly on your browser for your easy usage.

Step 3

Open a new tab (press ‘cntl + T’ )and search for the youtube video you wish to convert to an mp3.

Step 4

Select the 'YouTube' icon that is featured on your LokeBar Toolbar.

Step 5

Select the 'convert option'

Step 6

Save file to your music folder

Now you can convert any YouTube clip directly from your browser with no unnecessary steps.
Just by simply opening the YouTube page and selection our converter application you have what you want.
For further information or queries please contact us!

LokeBar – Surf Somewhere Between Like and Love!

Join our Loke Community by downloading our toolbar and enjoy easy surfing.

Get One-click access to your favorite online tools, games, updates and special offers with this FREE interactive toolbar.

It's free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required!

What do you get?

Installing the LokeBar not only gives you a quick YouTube to MP3 converter but provides you with direct access to all your favourite shortcuts and tools.
The LokeBar is a complimentary service which enables you to choose from a wide range of internet tools, such as; Facebook Shortcut, Radio, YouTube and so much more.

You can customize the toolbar to suit your desires and specifications.

Some Other Features:

And SoOoOoOoO much more …..Install and find out now!

Contact us

If you have any queries or feedback, please don’t hesitate to make contact!